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What services and programs does Bon Homie offer in the Adult Day Center setting?

Bon Homie started on Ridge Pike in 1992, moved twice and finally settled in our own facility at 470 North Lewis Road in 2001, where we would establish ourselves as one of the most highly regarded Adult Day Centers in the area.  It was during this period where we developed our two unique programs, the Sunflower Meadows Program and the Sandpiper Haven Program, that are tailored to the two major classifications of clients we serve.

Our Aging program; Sunflower Meadows is a program that serves clients that may have had a stroke, are diagnosed with dementia, have a brain injury, have developmental disabilities and are high functioning or are aging but require assistance with ADL’s, or have other diagnosis that require some level of supervision throughout the day.  These individuals benefit from large and small group activities but may require some prompting and support to get involved.  They also enjoy the social aspect of their day.

We also developed a safe haven program in 2007 structured for those clients who are faced with more physical, social and medical needs.  We have named the stand-alone program and its own special area “Sandpiper Haven”. It specifically serves the increasing number of clients that require hands on care to get involved in every aspect of the program. The separation has enabled our staff to provide appropriate activities for these individuals and to get them more involved and stimulated.   Sandpiper Haven offers our clients a safe environment that encourages them the freedom to be themselves.  Clients that utilize this program have developmental disabilities.  Specific diagnosis that are cared for in the sandpiper program are Cerebral Palsy, seizure disorders and Down syndrome.  Clients may also be nonverbal, wheelchair dependent and require total assistance with daily living activities.

When we are asked to describe what an Adult Day (Care) Center is, we often relate it, fundamentally, to day care for kids only for the older crowd.   We have evolved into a setting with features that meets the many needs of the clients who attend; these include the activities, training, socialization, entertainment, as well as special care, nutritional and therapeutic aspects to give you an idea.   Keep in mind that we serve all adults from the age of 18+ and beyond.  Approximately 1/3 of our clientele is under the age of fifty.  

Aside from discussion groups, the ever popular trivia sessions, our activities involve a wide range of themes from arts and crafts to bowling, basketball, music programs and clubs such as yearbook committee, horticulture, outreach and choir.  A much needed new addition is in the planning stages to accommodate the more physical activities and has been dubbed “The Gym” by the clients.


Training is an ongoing part of every activity at the center.  One of our core goals is to maintain and enhance the cognitive ability of each and every client.  We have introduced to our clients the idea that access to today’s technology can be not only helpful to them, but also fun. We have added a touch screen laptop computer to better enable some of our clients to enjoy the same benefits of our other touch screen PC’s by allowing them to use it without the need of a cart or table.  We also added new PC tablets to the mix at the center: two from the durable line of LeapPAD/LeapFrog training products, and three new Kindle Fire HD 8.9 tablets for them to use.  One-on-one and small group PC sessions are now an ongoing daily event.  One of our more tech savvy clients has decided to post a blog on the bonhomieadc.com web site.  Subscribe to Rob’s blog and get a firsthand view of Bon Homie.

Special Care is one of the primary reasons adult day centers exist.  We care for elderly and disabled adults.  In addition to the overall beneficial aspect of attending a center, it is the special care that sets it apart.  We have two full time registered nurses on staff and a staff trained in the procedures and processes to administer care.  

Socialization and entertainment has always had a large role to play in the repertoire of experiences at the center, many times complementing each other.  The music program continues to grow with the expectation that this year’s talent show will be bigger and better than ever; the arts and craft program is also growing with bimonthly visits from the art teacher to introduce new projects utilizing different art mediums.   The Valentine’s Day Dance was again a success as was the Easter Bonnet Parade and plans are well underway for the third annual Prom celebration, a special event involving the support of parents, caregivers, staff.  This year’s event will be held on a Saturday; not an insignificant undertaking, but worth the effort for the clients.  A published hardcopy yearbook is also planned; again, a lot of work but well worth the effort.  

Nutrition and meal planning is an essential part of the operations, since many clients we serve have specific diet and nutritional needs and restrictions.   The overall dietician developed menu is updated on a regular bases and takes into account the overall appeal of each meal as well as its adaptability to specific diet needs.  We serve approximately 50 clients a day of which at least 75% require a special diet or some adjustment in the preparation (sugar content, lactose issues, chopped or puree requirement, etc.).  Lunch is always a very busy time at the center, as are the morning and afternoon snack periods.  Needless to say, preparation would not be possible without the service of a competent cook, ours is first rate; ask any client on any day.  Typical menu items would include: Shepard’s Pie, Tuna Noodle Casserole, Beef Goulash, Roast Beef w/Roasted Potatoes, and Baked Meatloaf w/ Mashed Potatoes.

The therapeutic aspects of attending an Adult Day (Care) Center are recognized and published in many articles and journals.  All of our regular activities are designed to provide therapy, both physical and intellectual.  We have a dedicated sensory room, which is unique in the area and provides the setting and equipment to instill a calming, relaxing feeling so clients are more receptive and comfortable to participate in the program.   We have partnered with FOX Rehabilitation to provide occupational and physical therapies on the premises over the last two years and it is working out very well.    

In our next blog we will focus on all the services we use to help support our clients, caregivers and program.

As always, you can learn more about us by:

   Visiting our web site for more information at www.bonhomieadc.com.

   Like us on facebook at Bon Homie Adult Day Care

   Follow us on twitter at Ann@bonhomieadc


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