Look to this day...

For yesterday is but a dream

And tomorrow is only a vision...

But today well-lived

Makes every yesterday a dream

of happiness and every tomorrow

a vision of hope.

- Sanskrit -


Participating Member of

  • Qualified Nursing and Professional Staff

  • Pleasant Protective Social Environment

  • Individual/Group Supervised Activities

  • Licensed by the Department of Aging, the Department of Public Welfare, and the Department of Health.

  • Member of Pa. Adult Day Care Association

  • Active Member of TriCounty Community Network



Upcoming Events:

Healthcare Foodservice Worker Week  is October 5-11, 2015.

We want to send out a very special thank you to our very own cook, Trudy!

Trudy is responsible for preparing +/- 100 snacks daily and +/- 50 homemade, hot lunches according to special dietary instructions/physician orders. Trudy prepares lunch plates for staff members, too - an obvious perk for employees. She prepares the grocery list, keeps the kitchen immaculate, and enlightens staff members to the rules and proper protocol of working in the kitchen. The knowledge she possesses is beyond the space available to write about it. She is dedicated and passionate about her work and holds each and every client's needs as her highest priority. Thank you, Trudy! You are the best!

6 - Monthly Birthday Dance Party
9 - Music Therapy & Client Council
15 - Chair Dancing with Holly
16 - Art Therapy
23 - Music Therapy
26 - Bingo Store
29 - Party with Mel Hillis
30 - Dress Like Elvis Day 

     Clients will be encouraged to dress like Elvis Presley with an opportunity to impersonate The King in front of their peers during their Karaoke programs. Prizes will be awarded for best costume, best Elvis voice, and best Elvis dance moves. -AND- Halloween-themed sensory containers will be available for clients for a ghoulish good time!

Music with Dottie continues every Monday and Tuesday.

Music & Meditation and Jubilee continue on Thursdays.