Look to this day...

For yesterday is but a dream

And tomorrow is only a vision...

But today well-lived

Makes every yesterday a dream

of happiness and every tomorrow

a vision of hope.

- Sanskrit -


Participating Member of

  • Qualified Nursing and Professional Staff

  • Pleasant Protective Social Environment

  • Individual/Group Supervised Activities

  • Licensed by the Department of Aging, the Department of Public Welfare, and the Department of Health.

  • Member of Pa. Adult Day Care Association

  • Active Member of TriCounty Community Network



Upcoming Events:


4th:  Monthly Birthday Party
12th: Music Therapy
14th: Art Class
20th: Music with Michael Kropp
26th: Music Therapy
28th: Art Class

Bon Homie ADC will be celebrating National Adult Day Center Week September 14-17th.  We will be hosting the Annual Bake-Off, Bake Sale, Basket Raffle, Entertainment, and much more!  We will update our Upcoming Events with more details and finalized calendars.

The Annual Talent Show will be held on September 17th at 10:15am.