Look to this day...

For yesterday is but a dream

And tomorrow is only a vision...

But today well-lived

Makes every yesterday a dream

of happiness and every tomorrow

a vision of hope.

- Sanskrit -


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Fee Schedule


Bon Homie FEE SCHEDULE - July 1, 2016

The following rate structure reflects the level of care needed for an individual client in a 1 to 6 ratio:

$65.00 full day w/ lunch – Level 1
$45.00 half day w/ lunch – Level 1

$75.00 full day w/ lunch – Level 2
$55.00 half day w/ lunch – Level 2

Level three reflects the level of care needed for an individual in a 1 to 3 ratio:

$18.00/hour - includes lunch and snacks.

These rates reflect the staff commitment and facilities resources required for each level:  Nursing services in any level of care could result in additional fees.

Level 1 individuals require supervision and support with personal care and activities.  They may require the following:

  • Guard assist while walking
  • Assistance getting up out of a chair and transferring
  • Minimal Support with activities
  • Staff supervision in the bathroom

Level 2 individuals require hands on support in most areas.  They may require the following: 

  • Assistance with eating; making sure they don’t eat too quickly, are drinking in between bites of food.
  • Support while walking
  • Support with activities; may include some hand over hand assistance at times.
  • Supervision due to seizure disorder
  • Assistance when using the bathroom.

Level 3 individuals require total support in most areas.  They may require the following: 

  • Require staff to feed them or are tube Fed
  • Hand over hand support with activities    
  • Two staff members to toilet or diaper.
  • Wheelchair bound – requires lifting and transferring.
  • Behavioral concerns.  May have difficulty being in a large group activity due to the noise level.  May display Self-Injurious Behavior on occasion and need redirection.

Rate determination will take place during the application process.


Billing Policy 

Billing is sent out at the end of each month for that month.  If you need to cancel a scheduled day, we ask that you call and let us know the day before.  If this is not possible, then please no later than 8 o’clock of the day being canceled.  If you do not call to cancel by 8 AM, you will be billed for the day.

There is a late fee policy.  For caregivers who pick up a client after 5:30 PM they will be charged an additional $5.00 per fifteen minutes late.  This charge will help in the cost of paying staff overtime.  If lateness becomes a habit alternate arrangements will have to be made to resolve the problem.

Our staffing levels, activity plans and food preparation are all tailored to meet the planned client census.  Your continued assistance in helping us to make optimum use of our resources will enable us to continue to provide a high level of care and service at a reasonable price.  With your cooperation, Bon Homie, Ltd. can continue to provide the most cost effective, stimulating, and compassionate care you can provide for a loved one.